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por Redacção Time Out Lisboa, em 15.03.12
O regresso dos Gossip, com "Perfect World". Bom dia.

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De Pepe a 26.07.2012 às 15:29

What amazes me about worry is how qukcliy you acclimatise to it. I think you mention it in your facebook video. I know myself that I have a general background level of worry that is always there, but because of my stressful job/n life I have become used to living with quite a hig stress/ anxiety level that will sometimes flip into acute periods of severe worry (that even sounds daft I don't think worry adequately conveys the feeling of dread and anxiety that accompanies the worries). The reason I became aware of it was when I went on holiday for 3 weeks last year (the longest break from work and life in 7 years). I was so relaxed I was nearly horizontal. When I got back then walked into the office first day back and practically had a breakdown the stress going from 0 to max 10 in just 8 hours. But before I had gone away I didn't even realise I was stressed. I think the first step in this campaign is getting people to realise that this is a real problem and that they don't have to always feel like this. Good luck with the campaign!

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