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Be Serious for 30 Seconds

por Redacção Time Out Lisboa, em 30.05.12
Fred Armisen (de Saturday Night Live e Portlandia) decidiu pôr a comédia de lado e lançar um projecto em que pede às pessoas para fazerem vídeos sérios de 30 segundos que têm de obedecer a sete regras. Entre elas contam-se ter de haver uma porta a fechar no fim, uma pausa dramática de no mínimo cinco segundos e não existirem quaisquer piadas (o que, naturalmente, só os torna mais hilariantes). A seguir a explicar as regras, Armisen mostra um exemplo protagonizado por ele e pela maravilhosa Carrie Brownstein (ex-Sleater Kinney e membro de Wild Flag), sua parceira em Portlandia.

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De Lou a 26.07.2012 às 16:43

When I look back at the 1890s from my point of view in rural England, not far from London, I start thinking 'what's not to like?'. Population about 30 milloin - half what it is today, and about right for our medium-sized island, I think, and still enough to rule the biggest empire in the history of the world. Not that the empire affected people round here much, about from indirect ways like free trade; but it gave people a sense of pride. Everyone had the same culture and background and knew how to get along, broadly speaking. The local towns of Dunstable and Luton, now merged into a vast and unlovely conurbation, were separate and were still smallish market towns full of ancient buildings, with hilly countryside easily accessible; much of the countryside has been miraculously preserved but the view from the Dunstable Downs to the east is now of factories and houses for many miles.The local trades were agriculture and making straw hats. London, 30 miles away, must have seemed remote. There was an agricultural depression, so things can't have been very good for some people, I admit. But I (with no justification other than nostalgia) like to imagine myself a monied gentleman of that time.My house was then the vicarage, and the vicar travelled round his parish by pony-trap, I believe (there used to be stables at the end of the garden). The roads were largely empty in those days before cars, and if I had lived then I would have been able to take a pleasant walking holiday, as many people did, just by walking out of the house with a rucksack and putting up at inns along the way, using the open road or footpaths as my fancy took me. If I'd wanted to travel faster, trains would have taken me quickly to any part of the kingdom; in many cases, faster than today's schedules. To go abroad all I would have needed was a train ticket and a boat ticket - no passport was required.

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